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Idaho Senior Softball Association (I.S.S.A.) is for men 60 years and older who are interested in playing softball in a wood bat league. We currently have over 130 members and are always looking for more players. If you are interested in playing with our league, please contact Del Drake at deldrake@hotmail.com. Idaho Senior Softball Association plays ball Monday and Wednesday nights, and Tuesday mornings. If you're a spectator please don't hesitate to come on out and watch a game with us at Heritage Middle School, check our schedules on when and where to find us. It's not too late to sign up for the spring season.

We have limited space so submit your online sign-up form along with your waiver and fees to play.

About Del Drake...

Del Drake moved to Idaho in March of 1995. During that year, he went to Boise to sign up for Senior Softball and was told they had no Senior Leagues. He literally gave up on playing ball until 1997 when he read that Boise was putting on a Senior Softball Tournament. He went back to sign up for the tournament and found the city did not have a Senior Team. He then ran ads in The Idaho Statesman, Community Calendar, called KGEM Radio Station ran spots on their station, put up fliers in sporting goods stores, markets, health clubs, malls, etc. This advertising got 13 players to sign up for a team. They entered the tournament and won two games.The Idaho Statesman ran a 1/2 page article on the tournament and his team. His wife (Joyce) and he received over 50 phone calls generated from the article. Del contacted all of the respondents and set up a meeting at Fort Boise Park. From this meeting, they put together four teams and formed a league. Del then went on to set up rules, schedules and playing times. This league has since grown into approximately 30 teams. Wow... can you believe it?As teams began to pick up better players the weaker teams started losing players and teams began to fold. In 2006, he started advertising again and put together a new league in Meridian. This new league was based on a player draft and used wooden bats. Time for more work: ordering balls, making schedules, renting fields and drafting more teams. The new league brought back several players that left, including players up to 83 years young. Now, there are hundreds of seniors playing ball that would not have been able to play in Boise. The use of wooden bats is safer. No matter what age, ability or disability, you can play as long as you are old enough (no parents’ permission needed.)

Idaho Senior Softball Association.  I.S.S.A., P.O. Box 371, Star, Idaho 83669

E-mail: deldrake@hotmail.com Phone: 208-286-9123


Idaho Senior Softball Association

2018 registration is now underway.  Submit your registration and waiver forms, along with your check to reserve your spot.

Mission Statement...

The Idaho Senior Softball Association is a private club founded for the enjoyment and competition of senior men, regardless of age or ability 

                   DEL DRAKE